My name is Mario Di Natale .
I met Alfio Calabrò at the University of Catania .
I was in different faculty , and with Alfio i shared the breaks between classes, because we had the same passion for the English rock music . He also had a greater  passion in geology and gemology since he was a boy . To talk about minerals with him, it was a great pleasure . I remember that he was really prepared about the minerals and gems and he spoke like a great passionate professionist. After I got my bachelor degree, I went in England looking for a new job. After so many years living in England, I came  back to Italy. While I was there, I had opportunity to meet  Alfio again. I was happy to find out  that he finally realized his dream. He has a great shop about minerales stone and gemes. I am really happy for him . Now he lives his great passion as a true professionist .
Good luck Alfio
Mario Di Natale ,